Chicken Invader: Ultimate Omelette Christmas Edition

Chicken Invader: Ultimate Omelette Christmas Edition 5.0

Fight hordes of chickens and save the Earth from total annihilation
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5.0.2 (See all)
Engage in a quest to save planet Earth and the Milky Way galaxy by fighting hordes of chickens with Christmas decorations. The player uses various weapons to destroy the enemies gather heroic medals.

I remember the day of the invasion well. The memories still burn deeply, like spicy chicken wings.
They came without warning, squawking menacingly, their ruffled feathers darkening the sun. Invading intergalactic chickens, out to punish humanity for our oppression of their earthly brethren.
I instantly knew what had to be done. I dropped my half-eaten chicken burger and jumped in my cockpit. With a greasy finger I set my lasers to "extra crispy" and blasted off to intercept the fowl invaders.

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